I've been gone a few years....

Had over 3,000 in my inbox, had to just go thru and delete everything.

My laptop had died a few years ago, one of my best friends just handed me her old one for free.  I thought I'd be online more, at least on my laptop since you can't do some stuff on a tablet.  I was wrong.  I've had it for about a month and have been on here a total of maybe 3 times.  My bad.

Debating whether or not to try to post regularly on here.  Leaning towards no. 



(mock religion comprised of Supernaturalists)  

 by kitsunehi13  , Head of Supernaturalism, and Co-written with roboartemis  , Head of Wholigion

-Kripke Hear Our Cry!             

When praying, followers are to first make the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, the Sons, and the Holy Kripke.  It is customary to use the phrase "Kripke Hear Our Cry" at the end of prayers and wishes.*  The phrase was first used by Xanseviera on in August 2009.       

*Supernatural is the only show that takes the fans' opinion on plot and characters so seriously.  So the meaning is self-explanatory.

-Converting people             

It is the responsibility of every Supernaturalist to spread the Word of Kripke.  Mass conversion is often done through Supernatural marathons.  Snacks are a useful tool to luring people to a marathon.  It is customary but not necessary to begin conversions with season one.  Do not be overbearing.  If your offer to convert a person is rejected three times, you are not allowed to pester them for at least 3 months.

-Loyal opposition of Wholigion             

Wholigion is another mock religion consisting of the followers of Doctor Who.  They go by the term "Wholigans" and are on occasion also Supernaturalists.  Wholigans have no regard for internal continuity, stable rules, or looking before they leap.  They do not believe in being prepared, having a plan, or solving problems with violence.  (They would make John Winchester weep.)  They do, however, share our views on knowing your enemy.  (I am currently urging roboartemis , Head of Wholigion, to update her LJ.  All should look forward to her word.  Meanwhile, you can bother her on Twitter.) 

-Holding vigil             

There are times when a Supernaturalist goes through withdrawal and needs the help of the community.  During these times it is our responsibility to help them and hold a Supernatural marathon.  This will help cure ailing Supernaturalists and also strengthen bonds in the community. 

  -At least one pilgrimage in your lifetime to a Supernatural convention             

It is not only fun but also healthy for a Supernaturalist to attend a convention. There one can meet other members of Supernaturalism, as well as several holy figures (i.e. Actors and Writers).  At conventions, Supernaturalists can fully submerge themselves into the religion.  Bonds are made and strengthen, and our Almighty Kripke is pleased.  These conventions can be found all over the world through different organizations.  

When at a holy gathering, there are oftentimes meals and beverages that are Supernatural-related.  For example, you may find a Sam burger or a Dean-arita.  One must consume a Supernatural-related meal or beverage.  According to Richard Speight Jr.(Trickster/Gabriel), purple nurples are a favorite among many followers.*  Please remember, when consuming alcoholic beverages to be responsible. 

*At the Chicago 2009 Supernatural Convention, I had posted this on my hotel door with blank paper and a pen for people to write comments on.  Richard left a message on the door.  It had made my day.  You can find a picture of his comment HERE.


Major holidays include the Almighty Kripke's birthday, the day of the Season Premiere, as well as the day of the Season/Series Finale.  Holidays are generally celebrated by hosting marathons that include snacks and beverages.  Although often unsuccessful, Supernaturalists try to avoid work on these major holidays. 


*Always be prepared i.e.  Carry rock salt, exorcism books, any Supernatural-related literature (for study), always carry provisions (i.e. peanut M&Ms), stay alert (i.e. look out for blinking lights, cold rooms, malfunctioning electronic equipment), learn some form of self defense (yes, crossbows count), always have an alias and an alibi 

*When in doubt, decapitate and burn it

*Must stop and salute any 1967 Impalas

*It is advisable to have a Devil's Trap on a person at all times (and on vehicles).  Tattoos are always fun but not required, we will accept permanent marker. (The art of carving runes onto bone is practiced by extremists. It is not recommended)

*It is also encouraged to become familiar with popular 80's rock music

*No Chick Flick moments

*"Jerk" and "Bitch" are considered terms of endearment

*Must watch Supernatural once a week during an active season and once a month during the off season and after the series has ended

*Any mass gathering of Supernaturalists must include a reading from one of the official novels, The Book of Monsters, or the sacred John Winchester's Journal

*Wincest: Impossible to Forbid and Impossible to Defend 

*Community work is encouraged          

i.e. Donate to charities in Supernatural's name (or somehow related to Supernatural), such as Fandom Rocks or a current fundraiser being done in Jim Beaver's name (Team Duke

Fandom Rocks:
Team Duke:

-Supernatural Selection

Do not be surprised if you find yourself to be the victim of a supernatural killing. As Darwin simply put it, it is “survival of the fittest”. If you are not prepared for the supernatural world, then your ass is grass. It is sometimes easy to distinguish in episodes who will become a victim of Supernatural Selection. It is a way of life and cannot be changed. Supernatural Selection is the untimely death of a person due to supernatural-related circumstances. The road is never similar, but the ending is always the same. Do not be surprised if the ending is helped along the way by Hunters. They are just doing their job.

(originally posted August 16, 2009)


Charity Auction

friend of mine is having a charity auction, all proceeds are going to Random Acts.

You can find all items at this Website.

if you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer as quickly as I can.

Make it


 My current job is cutting hours like crazy.

I have a whole 24 hours next week. fucking TWENTY FOUR HOURS.  What is this shit?!  Tis nonsense!

I can barely afford to pay rent as it is.  PLUS feeding myself.  I go most days eating grilled cheese sandwiches, sandwiches, or soups.  And most of the time the bread is my roomies that she's given me.

Freaking HATE being so damn poor all the time!!!  

I really don't want to work at a fast food place.  REALLY DON'T.
What I'm really worried about is not having enough money for my 2012 ChiCon ticket.
I know.  PRIORITIES right?  My ChiCon ticket is on my mind more than "WILL I EAT THE NEXT FEW DAYS".   lol 
Lately I've been spending massive amounts of time on tumblr.  I got on just to follow like four people.  Now I follow almost 60 people and spend an hour catching up on anything I missed while asleep/working.  It's insane.  But also awesome.  INSANELY AWESOME = TUMBLR
Tis the truth.
Now I'mma go apply at places.  UGH.  Someone hire me..... pay me well, or at least give me 40 hours a week... PLEASE????

Small Update!

I have a tumblr now.  Screen name is kitsunehi13.  NO SURPRISE THERE.

I seem to be able to update there more than here. ODD.  I hope to remedy that. 

Now for a summary of today: 

Good day.

Woke up and had a mini photo shoot. My friend is doing some project for school entitled "Successful people from Aurora". She took photos of me wearing my pharmacy technician smock in front of a hospital. Can't wait to see how they come out.

Apparently I'm a "natural". I can't help it, I love to pose when I see a camera. LOL She said one of the girls she was taking photos of just stood there and asked "what do I do?". Thanks to Avery, I now pose immediately after seeing a camera come my way.

Work was good. Was slow, so I got to leave an hour early. Meant I could at least watch the last 2 quarters of the Chicago Bulls game. THEY WON.

Then I got to hang out with my friends a bit and watch the Chicago Blackhawks game. THEY WON. Beat the Canucks, 5-0. SWEETNESS.

Almost done reading one of the two books I got from the library. The second one is the one I can't wait to start. But the one I'm almost done with has to be returned first. UGH, priorities.... I'mma finish it tonight before I go to bed.

Tomorrow should be good. Sleeping in LATE, then work, and if people love me I'll go karaoke.


A friend of mine is selling her Boston con tickets for Supernatural this coming August.  She's asking for face value.

Tickets are FRONT ROW CENTER.  You heard right.

If interested, let me know.  She's trying to sell this as soon as possible. 

email me at if you're interested!!!

ChiCon Page Updated - Hotel Information Up!

 So Creation finally updated the page for Chicago Supernatural con... and it's just the hotel information.  Which is great, because I've been wanting to reserve a room for some time now!  About time the information is up! 

I just realized something tho...  I don't really have roommates...  I'm hoping paloma1182  will room with me... and my friend didn't buy a ticket for herself, so I'm going solo this year.  O_o  First time without my Tori....  We'll see how it goes!  haha! 

So yes, no roommates that are for sure staying with me... hopefully I'll find some SPN friends from previous cons who will want to stay with me.
Problem is I snore... pretty loud... I do have ear plugs for my roomies.  Hahahaha!  Unless Michelle and I room alone, just the two of us... we'd have to come up with more cash....

OMG I cannot wait for ChiCon!!!!   After San Francisco con I'm very much looking forward to Chicago Con.  

I may be going to Boston Con in August.  I hope so.  But unfortunately I didn't get the job I was hoping for, so money's tight right now.  Gonna have to find another job then.. I do have a job, but I seriously need a second one!  If I do go to Boston con, I'm definitely flying... so far the cheapest tickets I found are like $211.  NOT bad might I say.  Hope they stay low or get lower!  

What else is new?...  Grandmother still not home.  She's been in the hospital since I think early November?  Long time now.  After the hospital she was in a hospital to help wean her off the trach tube.  Now she's in a rehabilitation center helping her learn how to swallow again.  Place she's at SUCKS.  It takes them over an hour and a half to bring her a cup of juice or water.  Sometimes they just forget completely and don't bring it at all.  It's ridiculous.  

Anddddd I went to Mexico for my older sister's wedding this past December.  She got married the 30th.  It was a lot of fun.  Saw a lot of family I had either not met before or hadn't seen since the last time I went: 20 years ago!  It was so beautiful down there.. got to spend some time at the beach on New Years Eve.  Had my Pina Colada.  lol   Took lots of pictures, all up on my Facebook.

I think that's it for now.  I'm bored.  I'm going to go find some SPN fanfics to read... or someone to chat with online.... 

Anyone on my flist going to ChiCon??????
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